6 Best Plants For Your Colorado Xeriscape

Due to the dry climate in Colorado, Xeriscapes are a popular low-maintenance landscaping solution for homeowners who want to deliver that “wow” factor year round.

When picking out the plants for your Xeriscape, it’s important that you not only choose drought-resistant plants, but also plants that are native to your region to ensure long-term stability.

Here are a few plants we love to use in Colorado Xeriscapes:

1. Poppy Mallow

For beautiful magenta blooms in fall, spring, and summer, the resilient poppy mallow is a colorful addition to a Xeriscape. The poppy mallow’s deep roots store water through even the toughest droughts and make it the perfect plant for a Colorado landscape.


2. Apache Plume

Native to the southwest, this deciduous shrub has been a favorite of Colorado landscape designers for years. The Apache Plume’s beautiful white blooms are succeeded by feathery rose-colored seed heads, which persist long into winter.


3. Kentucky coffee tree

For those who want a low-maintenance tree in their Xeriscape, a Kentucky coffee tree can be a very cool addition. With no serious pests or diseases, the coffee tree can grow 50 – 90 feet and has a high tolerance for heat and drought.

4. Agastache (Hummingbird Mint)

The Hummingbird Mint comes in many colors ranging from purple to orange, blooming from late summer to mid-fall. Because of their tubular flowers, Hummingbirds love these plants and many scientists believe that the plant even co-evolved with hummingbirds to be their pollinators!

Hummingbird Mint

5. Festuca Boulder Blue

An intensely blue nearly evergreen grass that can handle intense heat, the Boulder Blue has the added advantage of being rather deer resistant, too. It’s easy to care for and makes great Xeriscape groundcover.


Image via Garden Coach Pictures

6. Fernbush

A favorite of Colorado Xeriscapers, the white roselike blooms of the Fernbush attract butterflies and bees to the garden between June and August. An extremely low water-usage plant, the fernbush is also very deer-tolerant and its leaves have been used by Native Americans to make teas for upset stomachs.

For more ideas on Colorado Xeriscapes, check out our portfolio or contact us to get a free estimate on a custom Xeriscape for your home.